The Commitments of the Turbot Quality Association

Bassin d'élevage

Guaranteeing turbot the best possible living conditions

To get label rouge turbots, you need to be skilled in many different crafts : expert in reproduction, in fertilization, in growing sea plankton… Its environment also requires being carefully watched : light, water temperature, density in the tanks. Once the juvenile grows, the breeding tanks are specifically conceived to reproduce the natural conditions of the turbot’s life. Thus, in an environment perfectly adapted to its nature, the label rouge turbot benefits from the best conditions ever.

alimentation-des-alevinsProviding a natural diet based on marine products

The Label Rouge mark guarantees strict compliance with a rigorous specifications. The rigour is applied to the feed, based on marine products (60%), plant products, vitamins and minerals. The breeders also take care that the proteins and lipids are strictly controlled.

Focussing on traceability from birth to point of sale

The label rouge turbot is identified, followed, and checked from birth until sale. A breeding record is kept at each step. The same rigorousness is applied to the composition, production and distribution of the food. It is due to this condition that the consumers can see, on fishmongers’ stalls or on restaurant tables, products whose history is thoroughly known.

Guaranteeing quality with a best before date

The label rouge certified product is turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) produced under the Turbot Quality scheme, and is only sold in the following forms :

– Fresh turbot, whole and not gutted

– Fresh turbot, whole and gutted

– Pieces of fresh turbot : steaks and fillets

– New in 2016 : frozen turbot steaks available!

Freshness is guaranteed with a shelf life of 9 days for whole fresh turbot and a use by date of 7 days for fillets and steaks.